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ukrainian fashion week: eduard nasyrov for tm


(images via ufw)

i’ve been following the rather mysterious (at least in english) eduard nasyrov (or nasirov) for tm for some time, and though the f/w 2011 collection is much the same in that i could find no information, we can at least discuss how the designer has evolved over these past few seasons.

in the past, the works have been rather heavily geometric, like some combination of gareth pugh when he was still making art clothes (as i once said), issey miyake, and the fantastical nature of yegor zaitsev, and though the show’s opening look (at top) suggested more of the same, it quickly evolved into something of a hip hop/streetwear nature.

except for a few forays into exotic, avant-y creations, the mr. nasyrov showed slouchy layers in a multitude of colours, turning his precise hand at detail away from the strange and into an unexpected dart or pleat to give his street kids a slightly japanese touch.  many of the looks were worn with shiny black dr. martens (or patterned white ones) to further this idea, although sporty sneakers a la y-3 also occasionally made an appearance with some of the more heavily layered looks.

to be sure, it was exceedingly wearable in comparison to some of his earlier works and impressive to see the designer try his hand at a different approach rather than tackling the same with merely an additional pattern or shade thrown in, as so many are wont to do.  however, given that we don’t have many truly skilled theatrical designers working, one couldn’t help but feel it was a bit of a shame to see a commercial collection similar to what we’ve so often seen before from others coming out of the nasyrov studio.

пс: я в английском не силен, так что если кто-то изъявит желание пересети , заранее благодарю)
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